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Name:Khary Hiljainen
Birthdate:Oct 3
Location:United States of America
I'm watching Nick, shut up and go away.

N I C K 1 + L I N K 2 + F R U I T S T Y L E
Khary was abandoned by her mother while her father was away at on business. Unable to find her father, child services placed her in a children's home. She was tormented for being different, for her slanted eyes and her funny way of talking. When her father finally found out what had happened he claimed her and took her along with him on the road.

He was protecting some big singer out in New York at that time and Khary fell in love with the clothes and rush of the show. Her father explained to her that the singer had received some threats and that his job was to protect the man. And though she loved the fancy and crazy life the singer led, something in her warmed at the thought of being strong enough to protect not only herself but others around her.

She trained diligently with her father and the other men at the private security agency that he worked at. They taught her capoeira, boxing, and choi kwang do, believing that her littler more flexible frame would handle it better than regular martial arts. They also taught her street fighting and how to use a gun, though she found herself preferring a knife in her hand to guns.

Her father was killed, protecting some diplomat, and Khary was alone. Not knowing what else to do, she signed up with her father's agency and worked her way up through the ranks, learning more as she grew, sometimes taking beatings and ending up in the hospital more than once.

She decided she needed a vacation after her last stint in the hospital due to a kidnap attempt gone wrong. The client had fought her every step of the way, doing whatever she wanted instead of what Khary told her. After Khary got out of ICU she went home to Chicago to get some downtime.

I am not Mika Nakashima, as awesome as that might be. I do however own Khary, as she is the product of my very unique brain, thank you very much. Both the journal layout and profile codes are by Fruistyle.
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